Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2017 499 Who Cares about Conspiracy Theories? Evidence From a New Survey in Georgia and Kazakhstan Scott Radnitz
December 2017 498 Escaping the Energy Sanctions Tangle: Gas Networks & Off-Ramps from Escalation in US-EU-Russia Relations Adam Stulberg
December 2017 497 The Case for Ambiguous Agreements in U.S.-Russian Relations Mikhail Troitskiy
November 2017 496 Indigenously Funded Russian Civil Society Debra Javeline, Sarah Lindemann-Komarova
November 2017 495 Russia’s Military Modernization Plans: 2018-2027 Dmitry Gorenburg
November 2017 494 Russia’s Entanglement in Syria: A Protracted, Extreme Stress Factor for the Russian Navy Pavel Baev
November 2017 493 The Kremlin’s Ideological Ecosystems: Equilibrium and Competition Marlene Laruelle
November 2017 492 Central Asia’s Borders: The Next Twenty-Five Years George Gavrilis
November 2017 491 Monopolies Rising: Consolidation in the Russian Economy David Szakonyi
October 2017 490 Plentiful Harvests in Eurasia: Why Some Farms in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Armenia Are Thriving Despite Institutional Challenges Susanne Wengle
October 2017 489 What Makes “Ardent Democrats” in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan? Barbara Junisbai, Azamat Junisbai, Christopher Whitsel
October 2017 488 Eurasian Family versus European Values: The Geopolitical Roots of “Anti-Genderism” in Armenia Nona Shahnazarian
October 2017 487 U.S. Security Assistance to Central Asia: Examining Limits, Exploring Opportunities Mariya Omelicheva
October 2017 486 Extrajudicial Violence in Donbas and Its Consequences for Ukraine Sergiy Kudelia
October 2017 485 Does It Make Sense to Expect a Color Revolution in Belarus? Arkady Moshes
September 2017 484 Qatar and Central Asia: What’s at Stake in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan? Natalie Koch
August 2017 483 Putin’s Renationalization Campaign: Fighting Corruption or Forcing Officials’ Loyalty? Hilary Appel, Wendy Chuyi Sheng
August 2017 482 Ukraine’s Semi-Managed Democracy on the March Oleksandr Fisun
August 2017 481 Not All Is Lost in Russian-EU Cross-Border Cooperation Serghei Golunov
June 2017 480 Coercion and Financial Secrecy in Ukraine's Emerging Economy: What the IMF Approach Misses Andrew Barnes
June 2017 479 Are China and Russia Teaming Up in Southern Europe? Elizabeth Wishnick
June 2017 478 A Donor without Influence: The European Union in Central Asia Sebastien Peyrouse
June 2017 477 The Russian World, Post-Truth, and Europe Andrey Makarychev
May 2017 476 New Opportunities in Armenian-EU Relations Sergey Minasyan
May 2017 475 Azerbaijan’s Uneasy Transition to a Post-Oil Era: Domestic and International Constraints Farid Guliyev
May 2017 474 Is There a Way Out of the Minsk Agreement Deadlock? Oleksandr Sushko
May 2017 473 Old Political Habits Die Hard in Ukraine Yuriy Matsiyevsky
May 2017 472 Russia’s New Conventional Capability: Implications for Eurasia and Beyond Nikolai Sokov
April 2017 471 Warfare in a Post-Truth World: Lessons from Ukraine Yuri Zhukov
April 2017 470 Pressure Points: The Syria Intervention as an Instrument of Russia’s EU Policy Pavel Baev
April 2017 469 How Can the EU Help Ukraine Build the Rule of Law and Fight Corruption? Romania and Bulgaria as Guideposts Maria Popova
April 2017 468 Political and Social Attitudes of Russia’s Muslims: Caliphate, Kadyrovism, or Kasha? Theodore Gerber, Jane Zavisca
March 2017 467 How Kremlin Efforts to Control the Regions May Be Backfiring Ora John Reuter
March 2017 466 Russia’s Conventional Deterrence: An Enhanced Tool for both Warfighting and Political Strategy Sergey Minasyan
March 2017 465 Why Tensions in the South Caucasus Remain Unresolved Sergey Markedonov
March 2017 464 Tensions with Russia Heat up the Melting Arctic Elizabeth Wishnick
March 2017 463 A Reluctant Partner: Georgian-German Relations Revisited Kornely Kakachia
March 2017 462 Memory and Language: Ukraine’s Divergent Policies on Two Controversial Issues Volodymyr Kulyk
February 2017 461 Brexit and its Impact on Azerbaijan: Will East-West Integration be Harmed? Anar Valiyev
February 2017 460 Conditionality Beyond Sanctions: Identifying and Pursuing Interests in the EU-Russia Relationship Samuel Greene
February 2017 459 Is Ukraine a “Client State” of the United States? Volodymyr Dubovyk
February 2017 458 The Demise of Ukraine’s “Eurasian Vector” and the Rise of Pro-NATO Sentiment Olexiy Haran, Mariia Zolkina
February 2017 457 The European Missile Defense System and Russia: Can There Be Dialogue Rather Than an Arms Race? Polina Sinovets
February 2017 456 A Poisoned Chalice: How the Minsk Accords Destabilize Ukraine Mikhail Alexseev
January 2017 455 Eurasia’s CSTO and SCO: A Failure to Address the Trafficking/Terrorism Nexus Mariya Omelicheva
January 2017 454 EU-Russia Relations: Quo Vadis? Muddling, Normalization, or Deterioration Arkady Moshes
January 2017 453 Russian and Chinese Influences in Shared Borderlands Serghei Golunov
January 2017 452 The Soviet Roots of Meddling in U.S. Politics Mark Kramer