Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2019 632 Western Scholarship on the “Donbas Conflict”: Naming, Framing, and Implications Volodymyr Kulyk
December 2019 631 The Implications of Redrawing the Chechnya-Ingushetia Border Alexander Iskandaryan
December 2019 630 Questioning Sinophobia in Central Asia Eric McGlinchey
December 2019 629 Justice Without a Blindfold: The Complex Politicization of a Notorious Ukrainian Court Ivan Gomza
November 2019 628 Leadership Change and Protests in Russia’s Kalmykia: Moscow’s Corruptive Meddling and Its Discontents Edward Holland
November 2019 627 Through Europe’s Gate, Out of Russia’s Net: How Ukrainians’ Visa-Free EU Travel Offsets Moscow’s Disinformation Mikhail Alexseev
November 2019 626 The US and Ukraine: A Partnership-in-Action: The Trump-Zelensky Indignity Failed to Derail Bilateral Cooperation Volodymyr Dubovyk
November 2019 625 The Elusive Russian Nuclear Threshold Nikolai Sokov
November 2019 624 Connecting Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in Eastern Ukraine Tetyana Malyarenko, Stefan Wolff
November 2019 623 Five Faces of Russia’s Soft Power: Far Left, Far Right, Orthodox Christian, Russophone, and Ethnoreligious Networks Sener Akturk
October 2019 622 The White Whale Chooses Freedom: Hard Choices in Opposing Russian Dominance in the Arctic Pavel Baev
October 2019 621 Azerbaijan Through the Prism of BRI: China’s Mounting Interests and Influence in the Region Anar Valiyev
October 2019 620 Putin and Xi: Ice Cream Buddies and Tandem Strongmen Elizabeth Wishnick
October 2019 619 Statecraft Overachievement: Sources of Scares in U.S.-Russian Relations Mikhail Troitskiy
October 2019 618 Russia and the Afghan Peace Process Ekaterina Stepanova
October 2019 617 Central Asia and the EU Connectivity Strategy: Rising to the Good Governance Challenge Nargis Kassenova
October 2019 616 Estonia’s Russophones Tumble Between Two Populisms Andrey Makarychev
October 2019 615 Russia as a Bogeyman in Poland’s 2019 Domestic Political Wars Alexandra Yatsyk
September 2019 614 Washington’s Security Assistance to Kyiv: Improving Long-Term Returns on Military Investments in Ukraine Mariya Omelicheva
September 2019 613 On the (Belt &) Road to Failure? The Challenges of China’s Soft Power Policy in Central Asia (and Beyond) Sebastien Peyrouse
September 2019 612 The Georgian–Azerbaijani Monastery Dispute and Implications for the South Caucasus Region Fuad Shahbazov
September 2019 611 Goodbye “Sashik-Fifty Percent”: Anti-Corruption Trends in the New Armenia Nona Shahnazarian
September 2019 610 Chinese and Russian Creditors in Venezuela: Oil Collapse and Political Survival Stephen B. Kaplan
August 2019 609 When Conservatism and Nationalism Form the Spurs of Kremlin Ideology Andrei Scherback
August 2019 608 Russ-Afrique? Russia, France, and the Central African Republic Kimberly Marten
August 2019 607 All Quiet in Russian-Belarusian Relations Arkady Moshes
August 2019 606 BRI-illiance and BRI-ittleness: Hungary’s Success and Serbia’s Struggle with Chinese Trade Flows Sebastian de Quant
August 2019 605 Escalation for De-Escalation? Hazy Nuclear-Weapon “Red Lines” Generate Russian Advantages Polina Sinovets
July 2019 604 The United States and Uzbekistan: Military-to-Military Relations in a New Era of Strategic Partnership Mariya Omelicheva
July 2019 603 Are Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Partners? Interpreting the Russia-China Rapprochement Hilary Appel
July 2019 602 Putin’s Fourth Term: The Phantom Breakthrough Brian Taylor
July 2019 601 Russian ITC Security Policy and Cybercrime Alexander Sukharenko
June 2019 600 Ukraine’s Counterintuitive Democratic Stoicism: Supporting Democracy-Building in a War-Torn State Mikhail Alexseev
June 2019 599 Russia Misjudged and Seeks to Restrain the Revolution in Armenia Pavel Baev
June 2019 598 The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Engagements Beyond Europe and Eurasia Jason Strakes
May 2019 597 The State and the Human Body in Putin’s Russia: The Biopolitics of Authoritarian Revanche Sergei Medvedev
May 2019 596 Toward the Possibility of a New U.S.-Russian “Reset”: Does Their Hot & Cold Past Foretell Their Future? Ivan Kurilla
May 2019 595 Public Opinion Paradoxes? Russians Are Increasingly Dubious About the Costs of Putin’s Foreign Policies Harley Balzer
May 2019 594 Does the March 2019 Sakha Pogrom Portend a Future of Ethnic Violence for Russia? Richard Arnold
May 2019 593 Expectations for Kyiv-Moscow Relations After Ukraine’s Presidential Election Emmanuel Dreyfus
May 2019 592 Russia’s Struggle Over the Meaning of the 1990s and the Keys to Kremlin Power Gulnaz Sharafutdinova
May 2019 591 Russia’s “Opposition at a Distance”: The Liberal, Anti-Putin, and Pro-Western Consortia Outside Russian Borders Andrey Makarychev
April 2019 590 Waving the EU Flag in Eurasia Juliet Johnson, Benjamin Forest
April 2019 589 Oligarchs and Western Sanctions: The Dilemmas Facing Russia’s Ultra Wealthy Nigel Gould-Davies
April 2019 588 U.S. Arctic Policymaking Under Trump and Obama: Implications for Russia and China Robert Orttung, Katherine Weingartner
April 2019 587 The Politics of Dual Citizenship in Post-Soviet States: Securing Political Goals Through Citizenship Rules Oxana Shevel
March 2019 586 Centenary Anniversaries of Independence: Baltic, East European, and Caucasian Contexts Andrey Makarychev
March 2019 585 Buyer Beware: Evaluating Russian Exports Under Sanctions and Stagnation David Szakonyi
March 2019 584 Why Ethnic Politics in Russia Will Return Guzel Yusupova
March 2019 583 Who Spearheads Patriotic Upbringing in Russia? On the Importance of School Teachers Anna Sanina
March 2019 582 Transition Plans Gone Awry: Is the Downfall of Atambayev an Argument for Democracy? Emil Dzhuraev
March 2019 581 Russia’s Avoidable Epidemic of HIV/AIDS Judyth Twigg
March 2019 580 Why Authoritarianism Has Weak Chances in Ukraine Yuriy Matsiyevsky
March 2019 579 Beyond Putin: Russia’s Generations Y and Z Marlene Laruelle
March 2019 578 Russia’s Strategy in Southeast Asia Dmitry Gorenburg, Paul Schwartz
February 2019 577 The Geopolitics of De Facto States Harris Mylonas
February 2019 576 Quenching Fire with Gasoline: Why Flawed Terminology Will Not Help to Resolve the Ukraine Crisis Ivan Gomza
February 2019 575 Ukraine’s “Type 4” Conflict: Why Is It Important To Study Terminology Before Changing It? Tymofii Brik
February 2019 574 The Health of the Nation—the Wealth of the Homeland! Turkmenistan’s Potemkin Healthcare System Sebastien Peyrouse
February 2019 573 Institutional Trust in Kazakhstan versus Kyrgyzstan: How Divergent Trajectories Matter Azamat Junisbai, Barbara Junisbai
February 2019 573 Institutional Trust in Kazakhstan versus Kyrgyzstan: How Divergent Trajectories Matter Azamat Junisbai, Barbara Junisbai
February 2019 572 Ukraine’s Civil War: Would Accepting This Terminology Help Resolve the Conflict? Jesse Driscoll
February 2019 571 Russia in the Eurasian Economic Union: Lack of Trust in Russia Limits the Possible Irina Busygina
January 2019 570 Church and Geopolitics: The Battle Over Ukrainian Autocephaly Volodymyr Kulyk
January 2019 569 Evolving Dynamics and Conflict Potential in Eastern Ukraine Tetyana Malyarenko
January 2019 568 How the Trump Administration’s Contradictory Policies Impact Ukraine Volodymyr Dubovyk
January 2019 567 Diminishing Returns: How Effective Are Sanctions Against Russia? Stacy Closson
January 2019 566 Territory versus Reform Success: Why Reformers Are Better Positioned in Georgia than in Armenia Julie George
January 2019 565 Why the International Community Should Be More Accommodating to De Facto States Eiki Berg, Kristel Vits
January 2019 564 The Use of Twitter Bots in Russian Political Communication Joshua Tucker, Denis Stukal, Sergey Sanovich, Richard Bonneau
January 2019 563 Whose Cossacks Are They Anyway? A Movement Torn by the Ukraine-Russia Divide Richard Arnold
January 2019 562 Attacks on Healthcare Infrastructure in the Donbas: Implications for Ukrainian State Legitimacy Erik Herron, Cynthia Buckley, Ralph Clem
January 2019 561 Into Africa: Prigozhin, Wagner, and the Russian Military Kimberly Marten
January 2019 560 Circumstances Have Changed Since 1991, but Russia’s Core Foreign Policy Goals Have Not Dmitry Gorenburg