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PONARS Eurasia 14 Jan 2020
ПОНАРС Евразия представляет собой международную сеть ученых, разрабатывающих новые подходы к изучению проблем внутренней и внешней политики, безопасности и сотрудничества в России и Евразии. Основные результаты работы сети изложены в аналитических записках, изданиях «Policy Perspectives», блогах и СМИ.  
PONARS Eurasia 25 Dec 2020
(CivilNet) Political commentator Eric Hacopian wraps up the year of 2020 with Georgi Derluguian, historical sociologist and professor of the New York University at Abu Dhabi.   Read More © CivilNet
PONARS Eurasia 07 Dec 2020
(WVTF Radio/NPR) When President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office next month, he will have to deal with some very urgent business with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As NPR's Lucian Kim reports from Moscow, Biden will have just 16 days to save the last arms control treaty that limits U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals. [...] PAVEL PODVIG: The value of New START is largely that it keeps...
Regina Smyth 05 Nov 2020
(Cambridge University Press) In a path-breaking study of Russian elections, Regina Smyth reveals how much electoral competition matters to the Putin regime and how competition leaves Russia more vulnerable to opposition challenges than is perceived in the West. Using original data and analysis, Smyth demonstrates how even weak political opposition can force autocratic incumbents to rethink...
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PONARS Eurasia 30 Oct 2020
(Pushkin House) Sergei Medvedev, a historian, writer and journalist, has won this year's Pushkin House Russian book prize for his work The Return of the Russian Leviathan on contemporary Russia. A prestigious jury overseeing the Prize -- awarded each year for the best non-fiction writing in English on the Russian-speaking world -- singled out his work among six strong shortlisted finalists...
PONARS Eurasia 26 Oct 2020
In this week’s PONARS Eurasia Podcast, Maria Lipman chats with Ben Noble (Lecturer at University College London) and Nikolay Petrov (Senior Fellow at Chatham House) about ongoing changes to Russia’s national legislature based on the recently revised constitutional framework, and what these changes portend for the 2021 Duma election. Listen here (...
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Caress Schenk 13 Oct 2020
(Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs) An Uzbek nanny stood outside a Moscow metro station in 2016, waving the severed head of a child and screaming “I am a terrorist!” A suicide bombing in St.Petersburg in 2017 by a Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen led to a rash of rumors about potential connections to militant groups and in December 2019, 11 Central Asians were given lengthy jail...
PONARS Eurasia 02 Oct 2020
(Haaretz) The producer of a documentary on Putin's critic who was poisoned in August explains why he found Navalny as great a mystery as the Russian president himself - and how he dealt with the film's director being brutally murdered. In March 2017, tens of thousands of demonstrators attended rallies and went on marches in cities across Russia. They were protesting government corruption in...