Digital Resources

22 Jul 2020

(CARNEGIE CORPORATION OF NEW YORK) This website is an extensive online resource for educators, students, researchers, and engaged citizens to examine the complex history and current challenges of U.S.–Russia relations, from interference in U.S. elections, to increasing risks of nuclear conflict, to China’s role in shifting the global centers of power and unrest and instability in the Middle East.

28 Apr 2020

Podcasts covering Russia, Eurasia, and Central Asia.

26 Mar 2020

(УРАЛЬСКАЯ НЕДЕЛЯ) "The Other Side of Oil" documentary depicts the lives of ordinary people living right beside the largest oil reserves in Western Kazakhstan.

02 Sep 2019

(YURI DUD) This film covers the role of the state in the 2004 school siege in North-Ossetia, which involved the imprisonment of over 1,000 people as hostages and the killing of more than 334 people, including 186 children. In Russian with English subtitles.

26 Jul 2019

(RFE/RL) Now 90 years old, Omirzak Doszhanov was a fisherman on the Aral Sea before most of it dried into a dust bowl in one of the world's greatest environmental disasters. He remembers the sea's Soviet heyday and prays for it to return to it's former glory. Azattyq (Kazakh Service of RFE/RL) presents a documentary of Assylkhan Mamashuly about the story of Aral told by a fisherman.


17 Jul 2019

(CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT) Russia’s shadowy mercenaries offer Moscow deniability on the battlefield and a cheap way to build influence across the globe.

20 May 2019

(DEUTSCHE WELLE) For some time, concerns have been growing in Germany and other European Union states that Moscow is clandestinely trying to influence elections and other processes. With the European elections coming up, the issue has taken on a new urgency.

17 May 2019

(AL JAZEERA) From poisoning former spies in London to tampering in US elections. Leading the military support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria and playing a part in the pro-leave campaign in Britain's Brexit referendum. From nurturing friendly relations with Iran and Turkey to a military attack on Ukraine and subsequent annexation of Crimea... Russian President Vladimir Putin finds himself at the centre of the world's political map.

07 May 2019

(RFE/RL) Forty years of Soviet nuclear bomb tests have left a toxic wasteland in Kazakhstan. The nuclear explosions have stopped, but Russia still rents vast swathes of Kazakh territory for missile tests that critics say are devastating for the environment and its inhabitants.