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The Nanotechnology Revolutions: Looking Beyond the Hype

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In April 2007, then Russian president Vladimir Putin extolled nanotechnology research as the key to establishing Russia’s competitive advantage in the high-tech world economy and the next round of the arms race. Ever since, the Kremlin has embraced nanotechnology as a strategic linchpin to its long-term global resurgence, asserting state stewardship and pouring billions into boosting the sector. Inside Russia, the prospects for being at the forefront of the unfolding technological revolution are a source of national pride and presumed to augur well for diversifying the economy beyond the energy crutch and for establishing more favorable foreign ties. By contrast, outside commentators typically regard the bravado as a harbinger of more difficult times ahead, emblematic of a statist-nativist turn in the new Russia with neo-imperialist implications for forceful reintegration across Eurasia and mounting geostrategic competition. [...]

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Technology, and Policy, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs; Associate Director, Strategic Energy Institute
Georgia Tech