Why Navalny had to leave

24 Aug 2020

(Moscow-on-Thames) I’m struggling to decide whether the recent events surrounding Aleksei Navalny are more macabre, or more absurd. For the moment, at least, I’m going with macabre. That seems the only reasonable conclusion, when the man is still at death’s door.

Navalny – whose place in Russian politics is well summarized by Morvan Lallouet – is only the latest in a string of opponents of the current occupants of the Kremlin to fall ill under mysterious circumstances. That list also includes Petr Verzilov, Vladimir Kara-Murza (twice), Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, Aleksandr Litvinenko and, by some accounts, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. Depending on your definition of poison, in fact, this isn’t even the first attack on Navalny himself. [...]

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