Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2002 285 Leadership Succession in the Russian Federation: After 2008? Стивен Хэнсон
October 2002 284 Strong Men, Weak State: Power Ministry Officials and the Federal Districts Брайан Тейлор
October 2002 283 Soviet Solutions to Post-Soviet Problems: Has Vladimir Putin Really Strengthened the Federal Center? Kathryn Stoner-Weiss
October 2002 282 Power Ministries and Federal Reform in Russia Николай Петров
October 2002 281 Oversight of Russia's Intelligence and Security Agencies: The Need for and Prospects of Democratic Control Марк Крамер
October 2002 280 Why the Study of Virtues Tells Us More About Russia Than the Study of Values Oleg Kharkhordin
October 2002 279 Partners In Need: U.S.-Russian Cooperation on and Approaches to Anti-terrorism Екатерина Степанова
October 2002 278 The Agenda for Arms Control Negotiations After the Moscow Treaty Николай Соков
October 2002 277 Who is in Charge?: Russia Handles Arms Control Negotiations Павел Подвиг
October 2002 276 The Future of U.S.-Russian Nuclear Relations: A Rip Van Winkle Approach? Alexander Pikayev
October 2002 275 Is Russia Really an Ally? Renée de Nevers
October 2002 274 The End of 'Primitive Capitalist Accumulation'?: The New Bankruptcy Law and the Political Assertiveness of Russian Big Business David Woodruff
October 2002 273 The Selective Use of State Capacity in Russia's Economy: Property Disputes and Enterprise Takeovers After 2000 Вадим Волков
October 2002 272 Russian Private Equity: An Opportunity for which the Time Has Not Yet Come Astrid S. Tuminez
October 2002 271 Russia and Multilateral Institutions Рандал Стоун
October 2002 270 The Antagonizing of the Educated and the Skilled: New Source of Security Threat in Russia Dmitri Glinski
October 2002 269 Walking on Thin Ice: Putin's Rapprochement with the United States on the Background of the Latent Anti-Americanism in Russia Эдуард Понарин
October 2002 268 Who is at the Gate?: The Symbolic Battle of Stalingrad in Contemporary Russia Иван Курилла
October 2002 267 Young, Educated, Urban -and Anti-American: Recent Survey Data from Russia Теодор Гербер, Sarah E. Mendelson
October 2002 266 Anti-Americanism on the Rise?: Suggestions Toward a Rational Program of Study Георгий Дерлугьян
October 2002 265 The Next President of Ukraine: Predicting the Unpredictable Аркадий Мошес
October 2002 264 Small Steps for U.S. Security Interest in Kyrgyzstan Кимберли Мартен
October 2002 263 'Parallels' and 'Verticals' of Putin's Foreign Policy Ирина Кобринская
October 2002 262 Russian Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Multilateralism Put to Work Алла Касьянова
October 2002 261 Ukraine at the Crossroads: Velvet Revolution or Belarusification Алексей Гарань
October 2002 260 Rejoining Europe?: The Socializing Power of European Institutions Jeffrey Checkel
October 2002 259 The Gender Gap in Russian Politics and Elections Valerie Sperling
October 2002 258 What Does Winning Mean in 2003?: A Candidate Centered Analysis of Upcoming Parliamentary Elections Регина Смит
October 2002 257 Waiting for a Democratic Left: A Dangerous Gap in Russia's Political Spectrum Dmitri Glinski
October 2002 256 Russians Support NGOs But Not Parties: Implications for Donors Теодор Гербер, Sarah E. Mendelson
October 2002 255 United Russia: Ruling Party or Emperor's New Clothes? Владимир Гельман
October 2002 254 Quod Licet Iovi: Preemptive Use of Military Force in Russian Foreign Policy Николай Соков
October 2002 253 Putin: A New de Gaulle? Matthew Evangelista
October 2002 252 The Russian-Georgian Crisis and Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Дуглас Блум
October 2002 251 Russia's Virtual War Against Georgia: Risks of a PR Offensive Павел Баев
October 2002 250 Chechnya: 9/11, the Moscow Hostage Crisis, and Opportunity for Political Settlement Михаил Алексеев
October 2002 249 Russia and U.S. Policy Toward Iraq Conflict of Interests and Limits of Dissent Екатерина Степанова
October 2002 248 Russia's Interest in Trading with the "Axis of Evil" Celeste A. Wallander
April 2002 247 Instability in South Caucasus and the War against Terrorism Николай Соков
April 2002 246 'Extremists and Bandits' How Russia Views the War against Terrorism Fiona Hill
February 2002 245 The Security Implications of HIV/AIDS in Russia Sarah E. Mendelson, Celeste A. Wallander, Julie Sawyer
January 2002 244 The Disconnect in How Russians Think about Human Rights and Chechnya: A Consequence of Media Manipulation Теодор Гербер, Sarah E. Mendelson
January 2002 243 How Russians Think about Chechnya Теодор Гербер, Sarah E. Mendelson