Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
November 2004 360 National Security Implications of Russia's Health and Demographic Crisis Джуди Твиг
November 2004 359 The U.S.-EU-Russian Nonproliferation Triangle Alexander Pikayev
November 2004 358 Iran's Nuclear Program Implications for the Dialogue Among Russia, the United States, and Europe Vladimir A. Orlov
November 2004 357 Will Russian Scientists Go Rogue? A Survey on the Threat and the Impact of Western Assistance Теодор Гербер, Дебора Балл
November 2004 357 Will Russian Scientists Go Rogue? A Survey on the Threat and the Impact of Western Assistance Теодор Гербер, Дебора Балл
November 2004 356 The International Implications of Ukraine's Orange Revolution Aлександр Сушко
November 2004 355 Is Russia's New Belarus Policy Emerging? Аркадий Мошес
November 2004 354 A New President for Ukraine: A Democratic Choice in the CIS? Алексей Гарань, Petro Burkovsky
November 2004 353 The United States and the Ukrainian Election Political Crisis Владимир Дубовик
November 2004 352 Helping Russia Cope with AIDS Celeste A. Wallander
November 2004 351 The Role of Business in Russian Foreign and Security Relations Роберт Орттунг
November 2004 350 Toward Full Convertibility of the Ruble? Benefits, Pitfalls, and Prospects Марк Крамер
November 2004 349 Does Central Bank Independence Matter in Russia? Джульет Джонсон
November 2004 348 Realism, Russia, and Conflict Resolution Кори Велт
November 2004 347 From Dubrovka to Beslan: Who is learning faster? Екатерина Степанова
November 2004 346 Ingushetia as a Microcosm of Putin's Reforms Matthew Evangelista
November 2004 345 Putin's War in Chechnya: Who steers the course? Павел Баев
November 2004 344 Security Sell-Out in the North Caucasus, 2004: How Government Centralization Backfires Михаил Алексеев
November 2004 343 The Challenge of an Undemocratic Russia Рандал Стоун
November 2004 342 The State in the New Russia (1992-2004): From Collapse to Gradual Revival? Владимир Попов
November 2004 341 From the Courtyard to the Federation: What holds communities together? Oleg Kharkhordin
November 2004 340 The Extinction of Political Opposition in Russia Владимир Гельман
November 2004 339 Putin's Anti-Federal Reform 2: Back to the USSR Николай Петров
November 2004 338 The View of Russian Electoral Reforms from Russia's Ethnic Republics Дмитрий Горенбург
November 2004 337 What Went Wrong? Regional Electoral Politics and Impediments to State Centralization in Russia 2003-2004 Grigorii V. Golosov
November 2004 336 The Last Governor: Regional Elites, Civil Society, and the Future of the Russian State Иван Курилла
November 2004 335 20th Century Tools for 21st Century Challenges: The Limits of Russian Influence in Central Asia and South Caucasus Николай Соков
November 2004 334 'Juicy Morsels': Putin's Beslan Address and the Construction of the New Russian Identity Сергей Медведев
November 2004 333 Russia Between 'Old' and 'New' Europe: New Policy Articulations Андрей Макарычев
November 2004 332 Russian Foreign Policy in Post-Soviet Space: New Priorities for New Challenges? Ирина Кобринская
November 2004 331 Putin's European Project: Derailed or Set Back in Reformatting? Павел Баев
November 2004 330 Why Did Russia Welcome a Republican Victory? Михаил Рыхтик
November 2004 329 'A Sense of His Soul': The Relation between Presidents Putin and Bush Джеймс Рихтер
November 2004 328 Reducing the Risk of Accidental Launch: Time for a New Approach? Павел Подвиг
November 2004 327 The Forced Choice Between Russia and the West: The Geopolitics of Alienation Вячеслав Морозов
November 2004 326 Time to Get Off the Putin Path Sarah E. Mendelson
April 2004 325 The Challenge of Terrorism in Post-Saddam Iraq: A View from Russia Екатерина Степанова
January 2004 324 Wanted: A New U.S. Policy on Russia Sarah E. Mendelson