Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2005 403 The Not-So-Great Game in Central Asia Николай Соков
December 2005 402 Avoiding the Great Game and Domestic Unrest in Eurasia Эрик Макглинчи
December 2005 401 Understanding the Impact of the K2 Closure Кимберли Мартен
December 2005 400 Difficult Engagements: Political Lessons from the K2 Experience Александр Кули
December 2005 399 Russia's Counterrevolutionary Offensive in Central Asia Павел Баев
December 2005 398 The Fair Sex in an Unfair System: The Gendered Effects of Putin's Political Reforms Valerie Sperling
December 2005 397 Maintaining Control: Putin's Strategy for Holding Power Past 2008 Регина Смит
December 2005 396 From Managed Democracy to Sovereign Democracy: Putin's Regime Evolution in 2005 Николай Петров
December 2005 395 Russia's Left Turn Иван Курилла
December 2005 394 Res Publica in Russia: Things and Publics in Current Municipal Reform Oleg Kharkhordin
December 2005 393 Illicit Drug Trafficking and Islamic Terrorism as Threats to Russian Security: The Limits of the Linkage Екатерина Степанова
December 2005 392 Linkages Between Terrorist and Organized Crime Groups in Nuclear Smuggling: A Case Study of Chelyabinsk Oblast Роберт Орттунг, Louise Shelley
December 2005 391 Managing the Retreat: Can Russia Adapt to the Emergence of Intermediate Europe? Аркадий Мошес
December 2005 390 The Baltic-Black Sea Connection: A Region in the Making or a Political Project? Андрей Макарычев
December 2005 389 The Politics of Russian AIDS Policy Celeste Wallander
December 2005 388 Differential Demographics: Russia's Muslim and Slavic Populations Джуди Твиг
December 2005 387 New Tasks for Traditional and New Actors in Contemporary Russia Михаил Рыхтик
December 2005 386 The Exchange Rate in a Resource-Based Economy: The Case of Russia Владимир Попов
December 2005 385 The Issue of Narcomania in Russia: National Security vs. Civil Society Сергей Голунов
December 2005 384 Current Trends in Russian Youth Policy Дуглас Блум
December 2005 383 The St. Petersburg G8 Summit and Russian Interests Vladimir Orlov
December 2005 382 Chairing the G8: Russian Energy and Great Power Aspirations Павел Баев
December 2005 381 Russian State Nationalism vs. Local Nationalisms: The Case of Tatarstan Эдуард Понарин
December 2005 380 Instability in the North Caucasus and the Political Implications for the Russian-Chechen War Марк Крамер
December 2005 379 The Failure of Tatar Language Revival Дмитрий Горенбург
December 2005 378 The Coming Revolutions in the North Caucasus Георгий Дерлугьян
December 2005 377 Ukraine's Search for a Regional Foreign Policy: One Year After the Orange Revolution Aлександр Сушко
December 2005 376 A Year After the Color Revolutions: Preemptive Authoritarianism and Challenges for Democratization in the Former Soviet Union Vitali Silitski
December 2005 375 Russia-NIS Relations Beyond the Color Revolutions: Are the Shifts Durable? Ирина Кобринская
December 2005 374 Is Democracy Irreversible in Ukraine? Political Reconfiguration on the Eve of the March 2006 Elections Алексей Гарань, Petro Burkovsky
December 2005 373 Interpreting the Color Revolutions and Prospects for Post-Soviet Democratization: Breaking the Cycles Генри Xейл
December 2005 372 The Foreign Policy of Ukraine: One Year After the Orange Revolution Владимир Дубовик
December 2005 371 Geopolitics and Neo-containment, as well as Common Security: Russian Views of Proliferation Celeste Wallander
December 2005 370 Will the Kremlin Revive the Russian Idea? Вадим Волков
December 2005 369 A Velvet Divorce Alexander Pikayev
December 2005 368 On Double Standards: Toward Strategic Liberalism in U.S. Russia Policy Стивен Хэнсон
December 2005 367 Xenophobia in Russia: Are the Young Driving It? Михаил Алексеев
July 2005 366 May 9th and Russia: Past, Present and Future Celeste A. Wallander
June 2005 365 Uzbekistan: The Risks and Responsibilities of Democracy Promotion Кори Велт
June 2005 364 Revolutions and Religion in Central Asia Эрик Макглинчи
June 2005 363 The Withdrawal of Russian Military Bases from Georgia: Not Solving Anything Николай Соков
February 2005 362 Depoliticizing Manas: The Domestic Consequences of the U.S. Military Presence in Kyrgyzstan Александр Кули
February 2005 361 What President Bush Should Say to President Putin in Bratislava Celeste A. Wallander