Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2006 430 Causes and Consequences of Corruption in Putin's Russia Роберт Орттунг
December 2006 429 Russia's Middle East Policy: Old Divisions or New? Екатерина Степанова
December 2006 428 Disrupting the Balance: Russian Efforts to Control Kazakhstan's Oil Кимберли Мартен
December 2006 427 Russian Weapons Sales to Iran: Why They Are Unlikely to Stop Алла Касьянова
December 2006 426 Ukraine Between a Multivector Foreign Policy and Euro-Atlantic Integration: Has It Made Its Choice? Аркадий Мошес
December 2006 425 Russia's Energy Policy: Between Security and Transparency Андрей Макарычев
December 2006 424 U.S.-Ukraine Relations: The Long Road to Strategic Partnership Владимир Дубовик
December 2006 423 Manas Matters: The Changing Politics of the U.S. Military Base in Kyrgyzstan Александр Кули
December 2006 422 Russian Regions and International Systems: A Trajectory of Post-Soviet Interaction Иван Курилла
December 2006 421 Russia's Muslims: A Growing Challenge for Moscow Дмитрий Горенбург
December 2006 420 Official Patriotism in Russia: Its Essence and Implications Дуглас Блум
December 2006 419 The Houses That Khrushchev and Brezhnev Built: Citadels of Support or Incubators of Political Protest? Михаил Алексеев
December 2006 418 START I Replacement: The End of Cold War Disarmament Николай Соков
December 2006 417 Russia and the Prompt Global Strike Plan Павел Подвиг
December 2006 416 The Changing Context of Russian Federal Policy in the North Caucasus Марк Крамер
December 2006 415 Has Russia Achieved a Victory in Its War Against Terror? Павел Баев
December 2006 414 Power Surge? Russia's Power Ministries from Yeltsin to Putin and Beyond Брайан Тейлор
December 2006 413 The Full Cycle of Political Evolution in Russia: From Chaotic to Overmanaged Democracy Николай Петров
December 2006 412 From Presidentialism to Parliamentarianism: Strengthening or Weakening Democracy in Ukraine? Алексей Гарань
December 2006 411 The Fourth Russian Empire? Георгий Дерлугьян
October 2006 408 Hitler's Cause is Alive and Well in Former Stalingrad Сергей Голунов
October 2006 407 The United States from Russia to Georgia Николай Соков
July 2006 406 Enter Rosoboronexport Алла Касьянова
April 2006 405 Did the Russians Aid Saddam Hussein's War Effort? Марк Крамер
January 2006 404 Alternative Interpretation of the Russian-Ukrainian Gas Crisis Николай Соков