Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
September 2011 191 Violence, Politics, and Ethnicity in the "Russian Riviera" Нона Шахназарян
September 2011 190 The Path to a Political Solution in Afghanistan Екатерина Степанова
September 2011 189 Turkish Foreign Policy in the AKP's Third Term Айше Заракол
September 2011 188 The Quest for Stability in the Karabakh Conflict: Conventional Deterrence and Political Containment Сергей Минасян
September 2011 187 Georgia's Foreign Policy Impasse: Is Consensus Crumbling? George Khelashvili
September 2011 186 Iran and Georgia: Genuine Partnership or Marriage of Convenience? Корнелий Какачия
September 2011 185 Sochi Surprise: Imagining Change in Moscow's Caucasus Policy Михаил Алексеев
September 2011 184 Nuclear Weapon Disagreements within NATO: Sources and Implications Николай Соков
September 2011 183 The New European Missile Defense Architecture: Is There a Place for Ukraine? Полина Синовец
September 2011 182 Ending Bilateral U.S.-Russian Strategic Arms Control Марк Крамер
September 2011 181 GLONASS: Problems and Challenges Алла Касьянова
September 2011 179 Yawning through the Arab Spring: Resilient Regimes in Central Asia and the Caucasus Скотт Радниц
September 2011 178 Russia's "Libya Debate": Political Meanings and Repercussions Андрей Макарычев
September 2011 176 'Two-Level Games' in U.S.-Russia Relations Михаил Троицкий
September 2011 175 Extending the 'Reset' in U.S.-Russia Relations Михаил Рыхтик
September 2011 174 Lost in Translation: Is there a Way to Overcome the Different Political Languages of Russia and the West? Юлия Никитина
September 2011 173 No Enemy at the Gate: An Unusual Election Cycle in Russia Вячеслав Морозов
September 2011 172 An Interactive Planning Approach to Shaping U.S.-Russia Relations Дмитрий Горенбург
September 2011 171 The U.S.-Russia 'Reset': A Skeptical View Владимир Дубовик
September 2011 170 Russia's Energy Security Dilemmas in Northeast Asia: Contending with the Different Faces of Resource Nationalism Адам Сталберг
September 2011 169 Tajikistan's New Trade: Cross-border Commerce and the China-Afghanistan Link Себастьян Пейруз
September 2011 168 The Political Economy of Oil in Russia: 'Really Existing Capitalism?' Эндрю Барнс
September 2011 167 Eighteen Months Under Yanukovych: Ukraine's Reform Record and Implications Aлександр Сушко
September 2011 166 What Hinders Reform in Ukraine? Роберт Орттунг
September 2011 165 The Dual Spiral of Ukrainian Politics After 2010 Александр Фисун
September 2011 164 The End of the Chapter? The 2011-2012 Electoral Cycle in Russia Николай Петров
September 2011 163 Russia's Gordian Knot: Radical Nationalism, the North Caucasus, and Migration Марлeн Ларюэль
September 2011 162 Symbolic Politics or Real Problems: The Agenda for the Russian Elections Иван Курилла
September 2011 161 Patriotic Upbringing in Russia: Can it Produce Good Citizens? Сергей Голунов
July 2011 160 Mapping an Alternative Future for Belarus Аркадий Мошес
May 2011 159 The Role of Information Communication Technologies in the 'Arab Spring': Implications Beyond the Region Екатерина Степанова
May 2011 158 Developing New Measurements of State Institutional Capacity Владимир Попов
May 2011 156 The Kabardino-Balkaria Insurgency: A Comparative Analysis of Ideological Trends in the North Caucasus Суфьян Жемухов, Jean-François Ratelle
May 2011 155 Understanding Suicide Terrorist Bombings in Russia Марк Крамер
May 2011 154 Russia at 2020: a Neo-Leninist Hypothesis Георгий Дерлугьян
May 2011 153 Reforming Russia's Higher Education System Иван Курилла
May 2011 152 What Happened on Manezh Square? Ideology, Institutions, and Myths Regarding the Anti-Migrant Riots of December 2010 Вячеслав Морозов
May 2011 151 Institutional Trap in Russian Politics: Still No Way Out? Владимир Гельман
May 2011 150 Historical Legacies and Law Enforcement in Russia Брайан Тейлор
May 2011 149 We Need Wonders at a Reasonable Price: How Sound is Russia's Current Military-Industrial Policy? Алла Касьянова
May 2011 148 Georgian Perceptions of the North Caucasus and of U.S.-Russian Relations George Khelashvili
May 2011 147 Neither Friend nor Foe: Perceptions of Russia in Azerbaijan Анар Валиев
May 2011 146 Russian Expansion: A Challenge and Opportunity for the Emerging Authoritarian Regime in Ukraine Алексей Гарань
May 2011 145 Estonia and Russia Through a Three-Way Mirror: Views of the Post-Soviet Generation Теодор Гербер, Heather Conley, Lucy Moore
May 2011 144 EU-Russia Visa Talks: Open and Hidden Agendas Сергей Голунов
May 2011 143 Russia and the EU: A New 'Balance of Self-Confidence' Аркадий Мошес
May 2011 142 The Non-Proliferation Treaty as a Conditional Norm Йошико Эррера
May 2011 141 Has Moscow Come to Terms with Iran? Павел Баев
May 2011 140 The Kyrgyz Crisis and the Political Logic of Central Asia's Weak Regional Security Organizations Александр Кули
May 2011 139 The Caspian Sea Region: Local Dynamics, Global Reverberations Андрей Макарычев
May 2011 138 Should Europe Care About Black Sea Security? Владимир Дубовик
May 2011 137 The International Community's Elusive Search for Common Ground in Central Asia Джордж Гаврилис
May 2011 136 US-Russian Cooperation in the Caspian: An Opportunity Worth Pursuing Дмитрий Горенбург
May 2011 135 Institutionalizing Security Cooperation between Russia and the West Кимберли Мартен