PONARS Eurasia 30 Oct 2020
(Pushkin House) Sergei Medvedev, a historian, writer and journalist, has won this year's Pushkin House Russian book prize for his work The Return of the Russian Leviathan on contemporary Russia. A prestigious jury overseeing the Prize -- awarded each year for the best non-fiction writing in English on the Russian-speaking world -- singled out his work among six strong shortlisted finalists...
PONARS Eurasia 19 Mar 2020
(Wall Street Journal | Review) The original Russian title of this dazzling collection of essays by Sergei Medvedev, a social-science professor in Moscow and one of Russia’s leading political commentators, was “The Crimean Period Park” (Park krymskogo perioda). The echo of “Jurassic Park” was surely intended. Mr. Medvedev sees Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its war on Ukraine—both of which...
Regina Smyth 16 Jan 2020
(The Conversation) Editor’s note: Russia’s prime minister, Dmitry A. Medvedev, and cabinet resigned on Jan. 15. Russian politics are often not what they seem, especially to those in the West. We asked Regina Smyth, a Russia scholar at Indiana University, to help readers understand what’s going on. Read More © The Conversation