Iskandaryan: Measures to combat the pandemic were delayed; the PM admitted that the government made mistakes

24 Jul 2020

( Why has Armenia, with its modest geographical size and only two open land borders before the pandemic – Georgia and Iran – become the regional leader in coronavirus infections? Doctors and experts, and even ordinary citizens are closely monitoring the statistics in Armenia in order to try to find at least a few positive trends.

Every day at 11:00 am, when the Ministry of Health updates the data on the number of infected and recovered, people dive deeper into the data, comparing the new numbers with statistics from previous days. The figures are still disappointing. [...]

Political scientist Alexander Iskandaryan believes that the authorities were too late in introducing restrictions and the quarantine regime: “On March 1, the first confirmed case of infection appeared in Armenia. It was a citizen of Armenia who returned from Iran, and then several infected people flew in from Italy. However, until mid-March, no serious measures were taken to prevent the epidemic in Armenia." [...]

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Reccommended (in Russian):

Alexander Iskandaryan and Grant Mikailyan, "Южный Кавказ: глокализация пандемии (South Caucasus: glocalization of the pandemic)," МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ АНАЛИТИКА11-1 (2020).