Podvig: What one side sees as obfuscating, the other side considers it is strictly following the letter of the Treaty

ПОНАРС Евразия
14 Oct 2020

(IISS Podcast) The collapse of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty last year increased concerns that the international architecture around arms control was weakening further. With other agreements up for renewal or under renewed scrutiny, what does the future hold for arms control between the US, Russia and China?

In the episode, Meia Nouwens speaks with three IISS Missile Dialogue Initiative specialists on the current politics around arms control and the new technologies that risk complicating future arms-control efforts.

Douglas Barrie and Timothy Wright from the IISS and Pavel Podvig from the UN Institute for Disarmament Research explain why it is such a critical time for arms control and the importance of agreements such as the Open Skies Treaty and the NEW Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty for regional and global stability. 

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