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Hilary Appel 04-30-2018
The postcommunist countries were amongst the most fervent and committed adopters of neoliberal economic reforms. Not only did they manage to overcome the anticipated domestic opposition to 'shock therapy' and Washington Consensus reforms, but many fulfilled the membership requirements of the European Union and even adopted avant-garde neoliberal reforms like the flat tax and pension privatization. Neoliberalism in the postcommunist countries went farther...
Hilary Appel 08-28-2014
[РБК Daily] Несмотря на поддержку новых украинских властей со стороны европейских политиков, население многих стран Европы против расширения ЕС вообще и особенно против принятия Украины. Больше шансов на вступление даже у Турции — которая добивается этого уже пятьдесят лет. 7 июня новый президент Украины Петр Порошенко во время инаугурации заявил о намерении подписать Соглашение об ассоциации с Европейским Союзом, а также добиваться...
Hilary Appel 08-12-2014
When Ukraine’s newly elected president Petro Poroshenko was inaugurated on June 7, he announced his intention to sign an Association Agreement (AA) with the European Union and to pursue EU membership once the EU agreed to it. This last qualifier is particularly relevant, as opportunities for membership are not only constrained by Ukraine’s political and economic development and by Ukrainian- Russian relations but also by important formal and informal...

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