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Andrey Makarychev 11-04-2011
  "Russia tends to apply soft power quite selectively and pragmatically. In some cases, Russia’s sporadic usage of pro-democracy rhetoric is aimed at pressuring the leaders of adjacent countries and making them more compliant to Russian economic and security demands. Yet in questioning the democratic credentials of Ukraine under former President Viktor Yuschenko and Georgia under President Mikhail Saakashvili, Russia was playing a more complicated game:...
Andrey Makarychev 07-20-2011
  See the new book by PONARS Eurasia Member Andrey Makarychev: Russia, EU and International Society: Conceptual Models and Policy Strategies (LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2011). In the book, Makarychev explores the complex ways that Russian and European identities interact with each other. Makarychev also gave an Interview (video/in Russian) in Odessa, Ukraine, on the "Glas" television program about Russia's current...


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