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Mikhail Alexseev
Михаил Алексеев

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Mikhail Alexseev
Михаил Алексеев
Professor of Political Science
San Diego State University
Russia, Caucasus, Politics, Migration, Ethnicity

Policy Memos

456 A Poisoned Chalice: How the Minsk Accords Destabilize Ukraine
456 Отравленный кубок: Минские договоренности подспудно дестабилизируют Украину
431 Повесть о трех легитимностях: Переменчивая тональность при постоянстве содержания украинской политики Москвы
431 The Tale of Three Legitimacies: The Shifting Tone and Enduring Substance of Moscow’s Ukraine Policy
392 War and Sociopolitical Identities in Ukraine
392 Война и социльно-политические идентичности в Украине
362 Новая волна русского национализма? Как изменилось общественное мнение после Крыма
362 A New Wave of Russian Nationalism? What Really Changed in Public Opinion after Crimea (co-authored)
328 Russia’s Ethnic Minorities: Putin’s Loyal Neo-Imperial "Fifth Column"
319 Parting with Asian Balkans: Perceptions of Chinese Migration in the Russian Far East, 2000-2013
319 Прощание с «Азиатскими Балканами»: Восприятие китайской миграции на Дальнем Востоке России, 2000-2013
306 Strength Without Kindness: Russia's Persistent Xenophobia and the State
306 Сила без доброты: Ксенофобия и государство в России
278 По ту сторону опросов общественного мнения: Поисковые запросы в Google и непостоянство динамики протестных настроений в России
278 Beyond the Polls: Google Queries and Public Protest Volatility in Russia
241 Пересечение границ, подтверждение суверенитета: Россия, Грузия и ВТО
241 Crossing Borders, Validating Sovereignty: Russia, Georgia, and the WTO
185 Sochi Surprise: Imagining Change in Moscow's Caucasus Policy
157 Rubles Against the Insurgency: Paradoxes from the North Caucasus Counties
113 A Vicious Circle: The Security Implications of Rising Anti-Americanism in the North Caucasus
74 The Impact of the Hajj Pilgrimage in the North Caucasus
27 Overcounting Russia's Muslims: Implications for Security and Society
1 Interacting through Migration: How Can Russia Benefit and Learn From Its Asian Neighbors?
419 The Houses That Khrushchev and Brezhnev Built: Citadels of Support or Incubators of Political Protest?
367 Xenophobia in Russia: Are the Young Driving It?
344 Security Sell-Out in the North Caucasus, 2004: How Government Centralization Backfires
317 Vostok - 2003 War Games: Preparing to Defend a Nigeria on the Pacific
250 Chechnya: 9/11, the Moscow Hostage Crisis, and Opportunity for Political Settlement
210 Assuaging Ethnic Factionalism Dagestan's Lessons for Post-Taliban Settlement in Afghanistan
206 The U.S. War on Terrorism: How Do Russian Muslims Respond?
192 What Drives Russia Coverage in the Mainstream American Press?
184 The Chinese are Coming: Public Opinion and Threat Perception in the Russian Far East
156 Russia's Periphery in the Global Arena: Do Regions Matter in the Kremlin's Foreign Policy?
117 The Unintended Consequences of Anti-Federalist Centralization in Russia
94 The 'Yellow Peril' Revisited: The Impact of Chinese Migration in Primorskii Krai

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