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Kornely Kakachia 11-05-2013
The foreign policy orientation of Georgia’s new government has been the subject of considerable speculation. During the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s 83rd Rose-Roth Seminar, held in Tbilisi, Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili reiterated that his government looks forward to receiving a Membership Action Plan (MAP) at the 2014 NATO summit. Although he cautioned the Georgian public that his statement should not lead to exaggerated expectations, some skeptics...
Kornely Kakachia 08-15-2013
(Report) Azerbaijan-Georgian relations: The Foundations and Challenges of the Strategic Alliance is the first comprehensive report on the dynamics of bilateral relations. Co-authored by Kornely Kakachia and Zaur Shiriyev. Click here to view the report | © Center for Strategic Studies (SAM)
Kornely Kakachia 07-12-2013
When Bidzina Ivanishvili became Georgia’s prime minister following the victory of his Georgian Dream (GD) coalition in October 2012 parliamentary elections, he promised to dramatically improve Georgian-Russian relations. The announcement of this “reset” by the new Georgian government must have delighted the Kremlin. The new foreign policy approach also ignited a robust debate among Georgia pundits about how the new political situation in Georgia can...
Kornely Kakachia 05-08-2013
(Эхо Кавказа) 3 мая в 20-й раз по решению Генассамблеи ООН отмечается Всемирный день свободы печати. Но в Грузии этот день не был ознаменован громкими событиями. Прошлые власти часто подвергались критике из-за жесткого контроля над СМИ. Изменилась ли ситуация в этой сфере сегодня? Даже после парламентских выборов телекомпании остаются поляризованными, считает ассоциированный профессор политических наук ТГУ Корнелий Какачия. Тем не менее...
Kornely Kakachia 04-04-2013
(Policy Brief) Often considered to be a “beacon of democracy” in the post-Soviet space, Georgia has publicly committed itself to establishing the rule of law and building Western-style democratic institutions. As Georgia’s ambitions to draw closer to Europe and the transatlantic community have grown and the country has assertively reclaimed its European identity, its relations with neighbouring Russia have deteriorated. Simultaneously, as the government...
Kornely Kakachia 01-17-2013
(CACI Analyst) Georgian politics have entered a turbulent period after the October parliamentary elections. The situation is exacerbated by a difficult cohabitation process between the newly elected government of Bidzina Ivanishvili and the outgoing President Mikheil Saakashvili. While both sides are reluctant to engage in cooperation and the prospects for a stabilization of Georgia’s political life are limited, the election also marks an important...
Kornely Kakachia 11-28-2012
(Journal Article) Reform has been relatively successful in Georgia because, after the Rose Revolution, the new government used its dominance of the state to fire a huge number of officers, purge the old leadership, and instigate a crackdown on police corruption and links with organised crime. This took place in the background of a strong public demand for reform and a state-building process which dramatically reduced public sector corruption and altered...
Kornely Kakachia 04-09-2012
(Caucasus Analytical Digest) See the following two articles: "Georgia’s Identity-Driven Foreign Policy and the Struggle for Its European Destiny," by Kornely Kakachia and "Georgian Foreign Policy: Holding the Line amid Uncertainty," by George Khelashvili Click here to see the issue


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