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14 Sep 2015

(HROMADSKE) As Moldova experiencing the biggest peaceful uprising in its history, German independent journalist Pavel Lokshin joins us to help make sense of it. During first weeks of September 2015 tens of thousands people showed up on the square near local government headquarters in Chisnau in a protest against rampant corruption.

24 Jul 2015

(VICE) In the wake of events in Ukraine, NATO has turned its attention towards countries that border the Russian Federation — attempting to boost its quick-response capabilities in Europe. In September, the alliance agreed to create a 5,000-strong rapid reaction Spearhead Force, which will be capable of deploying across the continent within 48-hours of a military incursion.

18 May 2015

(SONY PICTURES) On the outskirts of a small coastal town in the Barents Sea, where whales sometimes come to its bay, lives an ordinary family: Nikolai (Aleksey Serebryakov), his wife Lilya (Elena Lyadova) and their teenage son Roma. The family is haunted by a local corrupted mayor (Roman Madyanov), who is trying to take away the land, a house and a small auto repair shop from Nikolai.

04 Dec 2014

(CNN) CNN has taken a glimpse into the life of modern-day Armenia as part of its latest On the Road series broadcast over the weekend. A documentary presented on CNN International on Saturday attempted to explore Armenia from different aspects, including the innovative brainpower of its young people, the nation’s love of chess, the difficult history of Armenians and their traditions.

22 May 2014

(CHANNEL 4 NEWS UK) Belarus border guards order Jonathan Rugman out of the country, but our resourceful Channel 4 News cameraman slips past them for a much-needed glimpse of Europe's most repressive regime.

11 Apr 2014

(CNN) CNN's Karl Penhaul gets a rare look inside Transnistria, a self-declared country sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine.

08 Mar 2014

(ICTV CHANNEL) This film is the first attempt to analyze the events of the past three months, which taking place in Ukraine. Famous people who unrelated to politics, tell about the events in the country.

03 Mar 2014

(VICE) Russia has invaded the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine and taken over its civilian and military infrastructure. Not a shot has been fired so far, but Russia is using its superior force to intimidate Ukrainian troops in an attempt to get them to surrender. Russia claims it wants to stabilize the situation on the peninsula, which has a large Russian population, but Ukraine's new government regards the move as an occupation of its sovereign territory.

22 Dec 2013

(DK PRODUCTIONS) The 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine was a massive demonstration of people for democracy and against electoral fraud. Millions braved freezing weather conditions to fight against stolen elections. The award winning film THE ORANGE CHRONICLES is a powerfully moving and unique examination of Ukraine's Orange Revolution from the perspective of an intrepid Ukrainian-American filmmaker.