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Episode 25

U.S.-Ukrainian Relations Today

Volodymyr Dubovyk (Mechnikov National University, Odessa) discusses the current state of U.S.-Ukrainian relations. 

Volodymyr Dubovyk

Episode 24

The Use of Twitter Bots in Russian Political Communications

Joshua Tucker (NYU) discusses how authoritarian, and competitive authoritarian, regimes respond to online opposition, as well as his research on the activity of Russian bots.

Joshua Tucker

Episode 23

What are the Prospects for Ending the Conflict in Ukraine?

Keith Darden (American University) discusses the prospects for ending the Ukraine conflict and what might be the process needed to get there. See more about this topic at an event with Keith Darden and Sam Charap hosted by the Center for the National Interest.

Keith Darden

Episode 22

The Sources of Russia's Economic Durability and the Kremlin's Economic Strategy

Chris Miller (Tufts University) discusses the sources of Russia's economic durability and the Kremlin's economic strategy.

PONARS Eurasia

Episode 21

Who Owns the Past? Conflict Over Memory and History in Russia

Ivan Kurilla (European University at St. Petersburgdiscusses the history of civic resistance to state pressure in Russia and the differences between the current Russia-West conflict and the Cold War.

Ivan Kurilla

Episode 20

Strategic Uses of Migration Management in Russia

Caress Schenk (Nazarbayev University) discusses migration management in Russia and how public policy, the federal system, and patronage are emplyed to handle conflicting demands.

Caress Schenk

Episode 19

Russia's Challenge: A Declining Power's Quest for Status

Andrej Krickovic (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) discusses how Russia's concerns about its declining status have shaped its foreign policy behavior.

PONARS Eurasia

Episode 18

Putin’s Leadership and Soviet Legacies: Using International Contestation to Forge Domestic Unity

Gulnaz Sharafutdinova (King's College London) discusses the puzzle of Putin's durable popularity and whether this stems from a unique sense of collective identity in Russia.

Gulnaz Sharafut...

Episode 17

Breaking from "The Conflict Trap": Donbas War Exposure and Support for Nonviolent Conflict Resolution in Ukraine
Mikhail Alexseev (San Diego State University) discusses his research analyzing the effects of war exposure on the political orientations of Ukraine's citizens. 
Mikhail Alexseev

Episode 16

After Ten Years of Protest in Russia: What Have We Learned?

Regina Smyth (Indiana University) discusses why protests took place in 2011-12 and not in the recent 2018 election, and the meaning and influence of protests on the durability of the Putin regime.  

Regina Smyth


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