Policy Memos by Harris Mylonas

Харрис Милонас 02-27-2019

There are 193 states that are members of the United Nations, but sovereignty in some of them is contested by de facto states, anti-regime guerillas, and stateless nationalist movements. De facto states differ from anti-...

Харрис Милонас 10-21-2015

Де-факто государства – это политические образования, которые контролируют территорию, но не имеют международного признания. Такого рода образования подрывают принципы нерушимости границ...

Харрис Милонас 08-10-2015

De facto states are political entities that possess control of territory but lack international recognition. Such entities appear to ...

Харрис Милонас 07-23-2012

Given the absence of enlargement progress in the May 2012 NATO summit and enlargement fatigue in the European Union, it is high time to reconsider the future of Euro-Atlantic integration in the Western Balkans—...


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