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The 'Yellow Peril' Revisited: The Impact of Chinese Migration in Primorskii Krai

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The improvement of relations between Moscow and Beijing in the late 1980s and the demise of the Soviet Union lifted the political, economic and cultural isolation of the Russian Far East from China. While creating economic incentives for cooperation, the cross-border flow of people, goods, and services has given rise to security concerns and socioeconomic grievances among political elites and the public in the Russian Far East. In Primorski Krai (Primor'e)--located at the juncture of Russia, China, and Korea--these concerns are accompanied by a lack of reliable data and systematic analysis of the scale and socioeconomic consequences of Chinese migration, making informed public debate on these issues unlikely, and policy miscalculations more probable. This study's findings partially address this problem. [...]

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