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Nona Shahnazarian
Нона Шахназарян

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Nona Shahnazarian
Нона Шахназарян
Research Fellow
Institute for Archaeology and Ethnography, Armenia
Ethnographic Method, Economic Anthropology, Gender Studies, Russia, Caucasus, Migration

Policy Memos

680 Nagorno-Karabakh between Turkey’s Scylla and Russia’s Charybdis
611 Goodbye “Sashik-Fifty Percent”: Anti-Corruption Trends in the New Armenia
488 Eurasian Family versus European Values: The Geopolitical Roots of “Anti-Genderism” in Armenia
488 Евразийская семья против европейских ценностей: Геополитические корни «анти-гендеризма» в Армении2
413 “Here Is Not Maidan, Here is Marshal Baghramian”: The “Electric Yerevan” Protest Movement and Its Consequences
413 Мы – не Майдан, Мы – маршал Баграмян: Протестное движение «Электрик Ереван» и его последствия
303 Police Reform in Armenia: Revolution or Evolution?
303 Полицейская реформа в Армении: Революция или эволюция?
232 Полицейская реформа и коррупция в Грузии, Армении и Нагорном Карабахе
232 Police Reform and Corruption in Georgia, Armenia, and Nagorno-Karabakh
191 Violence, Politics, and Ethnicity in the "Russian Riviera"
133 A Return to Tradition? Aspects of Postwar Political Culture in Nagorno-Karabakh
103 The Making of a De Facto State: Warlords and Militarized Society in Nagorno-Karabakh
86 Breaking the Nation's Taboo: Meds Yeghern and Turkish Intellectuals
53 The Hemshin, Homshetsi, or Hemshinli? Armenian Speaking Muslim People of the Black Sea Region
38 Social Transformations in Post-Soviet Nagorno Karabakh: Motivations for Migration