Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2018 559 Are Eurasian Conflicts Really All That Eurasian? Lessons for Scholars and Policymakers George Gavrilis
December 2018 558 To Hack Abroad and Ban at Home: The Kremlin’s Cyber Activism Alexandra Yatsyk
December 2018 557 A Partnership Not in the Making: Ukrainian-Belarusian Relations After the Euromaidan Arkady Moshes, Ryhor Nizhnikau
December 2018 556 What Putin’s Exit Could Mean for Chechnya: The Pitfalls of Kadyrov’s State-within-a-State Mark Kramer
December 2018 555 How Do Ukrainians Want to End the Donbas War? Mikhail Alexseev
December 2018 554 Why Russia’s Strategic Deception Is Popular: The Cultural Appeal of the Trickster Viatcheslav Morozov, Xymena Kurowska, Anatoly Reshetnikov
December 2018 553 Belarus Inside the Bear Hug | And Its Geopolitical Predicament After the Ukraine Crisis Aliaksei Kazharski
November 2018 552 Will Ukraine’s 2019 Elections Be a Turning Point? Unlikely, but Dangers Lurk Olexiy Haran, Petro Burkovsky
November 2018 551 Russia’s Truckers and the Path from Economic to Political Protest Stephen Crowley
November 2018 550 The Nature and Sources of Terrorist Threat in Russia: An “Armed Underground” or ISIL? Mariya Omelicheva, Lawrence Markowitz
November 2018 549 The Kremlin’s New Man in Dagestan: Corruption Supplants Security as Moscow’s Chief Concern Edward Holland
November 2018 548 The Real or Imagined Infiltration of Fifth Columns in the Post-Soviet Region Scott Radnitz
November 2018 547 U.S.-Russian Relations and the “New Cold War” Metaphor Mark Kramer
October 2018 546 Do Russians Trust their Police? Reform Must Start from the Top Lauren McCarthy, Noah Buckley
October 2018 545 U.S. Disengagement from the South Caucasus: The Throne Is Never Vacant Anar Valiyev
October 2018 544 The Cold War, Post-Cold War, and the Academy: Policy Recommendations from an Oral History of Russian and Eurasian Studies Alexander Cooley, George Gavrilis
October 2018 544 The Cold War, Post-Cold War, and the Academy: Policy Recommendations from an Oral History of Russian and Eurasian Studies Alexander Cooley, George Gavrilis
October 2018 543 Russia’s Challenge: A Declining Power’s Quest for Status Andrej Krickovic
October 2018 542 Enter Nikol Pashinyan: The Causes and Future Prospects of the 2018 Armenian Revolution Georgi Derluguian
October 2018 541 Effective Anti-Corruption Messaging: Lessons from Ukraine Jordan Gans-Morse
September 2018 540 Chinese Artificial Intelligence Projects Expand in Eurasian Cities Erica Marat
September 2018 539 Is Russia Really “Fascist”? A Comment on Timothy Snyder Marlene Laruelle
August 2018 538 Renewables in Kazakhstan and Russia: Promoting “Future Energy” or Entrenching Hydrocarbon Dependency? Natalie Koch, Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen
August 2018 537 Administrative Mobilization and the Dynamics of Electoral Manipulations on Putin’s Presidential Election Kirill Rogov
August 2018 536 Prospects for U.S.-Russian Arms Control and Strategic Stability Polina Sinovets
July 2018 535 Russian Organized Crime and Electoral Processes Alexander Sukharenko
July 2018 534 Why Uzbekistan’s New President Needs to Expand Access to Islamic Education Sebastien Peyrouse
June 2018 533 The Political Economy of Russian Information & Communication Technologies Stanislav Tkachenko
June 2018 532 Dissimilar Politics in Mariupol and Kramatorsk: Two Ukrainian Cities on the Eastern Front Kimitaka Matsuzato
June 2018 531 How Western Disengagement Enabled Uzbekistan’s “Spring” and How to Keep it Going Edward Schatz
May 2018 530 Keeping the “New Cold War” Cold: Nuclear Deterrence With U.S. and Russian Nuclear Force Modernization Keith Darden
May 2018 529 Nationalist Radicalization Trends in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine Volodymyr Ishchenko
May 2018 528 Why Russia Is Failing the "Syria Test" for Counterterrorism Cooperation with the West Pavel Baev
May 2018 527 The Do-or-Die Dilemma Facing Post-Soviet De Facto States Eiki Berg, Kristel Vits
April 2018 526 The Anti-Russia Surge in U.S. Politics: Finding Context Ivan Kurilla
April 2018 525 Ukraine’s 2017 Education Law Incites International Controversy Over Language Stipulation Volodymyr Kulyk
April 2018 524 How to Strengthen Western Engagement in Central Asia: Spotlight on EU Education Assistance in Uzbekistan Sebastien Peyrouse
April 2018 523 How the West Should Respond to Russia’s “Borderization” in Georgia Kornely Kakachia
April 2018 522 How Russia’s Economic Recession Benefits Moscow Politically in its “Near Abroad” Mariya Omelicheva
April 2018 521 How the US and EU Can Make the Kremlin Rethink Its Options in Ukraine’s Donbas Olexiy Haran, Petro Burkovsky
March 2018 520 Russian Foreign Election Interventions Since 1991 Lucan Way, Adam Casey
March 2018 519 The Enigmatic Connection Between Education and Civic Apathy in Azerbaijan Farid Guliyev
March 2018 518 Russian Immigration Control: Symbol Over Substance Caress Schenk
March 2018 517 Ukraine’s Regime Is Less Stable than It Was under Yanukovych: A Third Year Comparison Yuriy Matsiyevsky
March 2018 516 Russian and American Far Right Connections: Confluence, Not Influence Marlene Laruelle
March 2018 515 Europe in Crisis: “Old,” “New,” or Incomplete? Andrey Makarychev, Aliaksei Kazharski
March 2018 514 Russia’s Anti-American Propaganda in the Euromaidan Era Alexandra Yatsyk
March 2018 513 How the Kremlin Is Using the Moscow Renovation Project to Reward and Punish Voters Regina Smyth
February 2018 512 External Interference Narratives in Russian and U.S. Politics: Conspiracy Theorizing Meets Whataboutism Serghei Golunov
February 2018 511 Russia’s Syria Policy: The Hard Path of Military Disengagement Ekaterina Stepanova
February 2018 510 Revolutions in Ukraine: Shaping Civic Rather Than Ethnic Identities Grigore Pop-Eleches, Graeme Robertson
February 2018 510 Revolutions in Ukraine: Shaping Civic Rather Than Ethnic Identities Grigore Pop-Eleches, Graeme Robertson
February 2018 509 Russia on the Eve of its Presidential Election: How Long Can Change and Stasis Coexist? Nikolay Petrov
February 2018 508 How Russia’s Nuclear Buildup Offers a Good Opportunity for Renewed Arms Control Dialogue Polina Sinovets
February 2018 507 Why Trump’s Bid to Improve U.S.-Russian Relations Backfired in Congress Mikhail Alexseev
February 2018 506 What Will Replace Russia’s Dwindling Trump-Euphoria? Russian Foreign Policy Viewpoints Today Arkady Moshes
February 2018 505 Civic Activism, Political Participation, and Homeownership in Four Post-Soviet Countries Theodore Gerber, Jane Zavisca
February 2018 504 The Technocratic Traps of Post-Soviet Reforms: Politics versus Policy Vladimir Gelman
January 2018 503 History and Memory in Russia During the 100-Year Anniversary of the Great Revolution Ivan Kurilla
January 2018 502 Grassroots Capacity Building: Why Municipal Politics in Moscow are Important Signposts of Russia’s Democratic Development Yana Gorokhovskaia
January 2018 501 Explaining Russia’s Schizophrenic Policy toward the United States Kimberly Marten
January 2018 500 “Uzbek Terrorism” and the Logical Inconsistencies of Extreme Vetting Eric McGlinchey