Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Month Year Number Title Author
December 2000 182 Russia's Belarus Dilemma Аркадий Мошес
December 2000 181 'Kosovo Syndrome' and the Great Nuclear Debate of 2000 Николай Соков
November 2000 180 Putin's Boost-Phase Defense: The Offer That Wasn't Павел Подвиг
November 2000 179 Nuclear De-emphasizing in Russia's Military Thinking: Phantom or Reality? Alexander Pikayev
November 2000 178 Nuclear Programs in North Korea and Iran: Assessing Russia's Position Vladimir Orlov
November 2000 177 A Sober Second Look: Reassessing the Logic of Missile Defense Bear Braumoeller
November 2000 176 Russia's Views on Cruise Missiles in the Context Дебора Балл
November 2000 175 Too Much of a Good Thing? High Oil Prices and Russian Monetary Policy David Woodruff
November 2000 174 Exchange Rate Policy After the Currency Crisis: Walking the Tightrope Владимир Попов
November 2000 173 The Limits of US Influence on Russian Economic Policy Марк Крамер
November 2000 172 Russia and the European Union: The Case of Kaliningrad Alexander Sergounin
November 2000 171 EU Enlargement in the Baltic Sea Region and Russia: Obvious Problems, Unclear Solutions Аркадий Мошес
November 2000 170 Why the United States Should Cede its Russia Policy to Europe Теодор Хопф
November 2000 169 Too Much of a Good Thing? Conditionality and Change in Post-Soviet States Jeffrey Checkel
November 2000 168 Central Asia's Stability and Russia's Security Dmitri Trenin
November 2000 167 International Terrorism in the Southern Tier: Perceived or Real Threat to Russia's Security? Екатерина Степанова
November 2000 166 A Dangerous Balancing Act: Karimov, Putin, and the Taliban Полина Джонс Луонг
November 2000 165 Russia's Strategic Partnerships and Global Security Эндрю Качинс
November 2000 164 Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution in Nagorno-Karabakh Stuart Kaufman
November 2000 163 The Forgotten Abkhazia: Anatomy of Post-Socialist Ethnic War Георгий Дерлугьян
November 2000 162 Russia's New Caspian Policy Дуглас Блум
November 2000 161 The New Federal Structure: More Centralized, or More of the Same? Steve Solnick
November 2000 160 The Russian Constitution and Foreign Policy: Regional Aspects Михаил Рыхтик
November 2000 159 Broken Pendulum: Recentralization Under Putin Николай Петров
November 2000 158 Gubernatorial Elections in the Volgograd Region: Do They Matter? Иван Курилла
November 2000 157 Russia's Path to a New Regional Policy Matthew Evangelista
November 2000 153 Putin's Court: How the Military Fits In Павел Баев
November 2000 152 The Social Cost of Russian Military Reform: Redefining Priorities for US Assistance Oksana Antonenko
November 2000 151 Russian Nationalism and Vladimir Putin's Russia Astrid Tuminez
November 2000 148 Can Putin Rebuild the Russian State? Стивен Хэнсон
October 2000 156 Russia's Periphery in the Global Arena: Do Regions Matter in the Kremlin's Foreign Policy? Михаил Алексеев
October 2000 155 Putin and the Russian Military Кимберли Мартен
October 2000 154 The Duma and Military Reform Брайан Тейлор
October 2000 150 Alexander Solzhenitsyn as a Mirror of the Russian Counter-Revolution Эдуард Понарин
October 2000 149 The Importance of the Politics of Friendship for Contemporary Russia Oleg Kharkhordin
October 2000 147 The Essence of Putinism: The Strengthening of the Privatized State Dmitri Glinski-Vassiliev
October 2000 146 The Dictatorship of Law in Russia: Neither Dictatorship, Nor Rule of Law Владимир Гельман
September 2000 145 The Sinking of the Kursk Марк Крамер
April 2000 144 The Clinton-Putin Summit and the Ultimate Security Issue: Democracy in Russia Sarah E. Mendelson
April 2000 143 Explaining the International Community's Response to the War in Chechnya Sarah E. Mendelson
April 2000 142 Human Rights Violations in Chechnya: Implications for Western Assistance to Russia Кимберли Мартен
April 2000 141 Reforming the IMF? Lessons from Assistance to Post-Communist Countries Рандал Стоун
April 2000 140 The Role for US Democracy Assistance: Helping Build Parties from the Bottom Up Регина Смит
April 2000 139 Supporting Democratic Institutions Rather than 'democrats' in Russia Регина Смит
April 2000 138 Russia and the European Union: The Northern Dimension Alexander Sergounin
April 2000 137 The Case for Assisting Russian NGOs Джеймс Рихтер
April 2000 136 Economic Assistance to Russia: Ineffectual, Politicized, and Corrupt? Йошико Эррера
April 2000 135 Rethinking the Role of International Institutions in Post-Soviet States Jeffrey Checkel
April 2000 134 Russian Policy and the Potential for Agreement on Revising the ABM Treaty Celeste A. Wallander
April 2000 133 The Reality and Myths of Nuclear Regionalism in Russia Николай Соков
April 2000 132 START and the ABM Treaty: Is a Compromise Possible? Павел Подвиг
April 2000 131 Russia's Policy on Nonproliferation Under Putin Vladimir Orlov
April 2000 130 Still Hobbling Along: An Update on the Russian Banking System Astrid Tuminez
April 2000 129 Why the Russian Economy is Unlikely to Become a New 'Asian Tiger' Владимир Попов
April 2000 128 Capital Flight and Russian Economic Reform Марк Крамер
April 2000 127 Repairing Relations with Russia Through NATO Celeste A. Wallander
April 2000 126 The Views of the Russian Elite Toward NATO Membership Dmitri Glinski-Vassiliev
April 2000 125 New Challenges to US-Russian Relations Михаил Рыхтик
April 2000 124 The Finlandization of Russia? The Kremlin's Geopolitical and Geo-economic Choices Alexander Pikayev
April 2000 123 Russian Policy Towards Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic States in the Putin Era Аркадий Мошес
April 2000 122 The Limited Reach of Russia's Party System: Under-Institutionalization in the Provinces Kathryn Stoner-Weiss
April 2000 121 Russia's Nationalist Consolidation: Love it or Leave it? Эдуард Понарин
April 2000 120 Southern Russia: The Heartland or Russia's Soft Underbelly? Иван Курилла
April 2000 119 The State of Democratization in Russia in Light of the Elections Генри Xейл
April 2000 118 Russia's Population Crisis: The Migration Dimension Теодор Гербер
April 2000 117 The Unintended Consequences of Anti-Federalist Centralization in Russia Михаил Алексеев
April 2000 116 Putin and the Military: How Long Will the Honeymoon Last? Брайан Тейлор
April 2000 115 Putin and the Provinces Steve Solnik
April 2000 114 Consolidation of the State and Economic Policy Scenarios Under Putin Vadim Radaev
April 2000 113 The 2000 Presidential Elections: The Political Taste and Aftertaste Николай Петров
April 2000 112 Putin in Russian Historical Context Георгий Дерлугьян
March 2000 111 The Dynamics of US-Russian Relations: A Critical Perspective Celeste A. Wallander
February 2000 110 Is Russian Nationalism on the Rise? Генри Xейл
February 2000 109 A History of the ABM Treaty in Russia Павел Подвиг
February 2000 108 The Prospects for ABM Treaty Modification Alexander Pikayev
February 2000 107 Will Russia Go for a Military Victory in Chechnya? Павел Баев
February 2000 106 Power as Patronage: Russian Parties and Russian Democracy Регина Смит
January 2000 105 Hobbling Along: Russian Banking Reform Astrid Tuminez
January 2000 104 Reflections on Putin's Rise to Power Георгий Дерлугьян
January 2000 103 What is Driving Russia's New Strategic Concept? Марк Крамер
January 2000 102 Russian National Security Policy in 2000 Celeste A. Wallander
January 2000 101 Foreign Policy Under Putin: Pro-Western Pragmatism Might Be a Greater Challenge to the West Николай Соков